About Sam

Artist Samuel McCormick

 Sam is a natural medium/ vintage inspired artist from Roanoke Virginia. Born in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Sam has been perfecting his craft for over twenty years. His art work is truly inspired by Mother Nature and his techniques and style influences have come from many different artists, mountain men, and craftsman all across the United States. Sam’s work is what we like to call “recycling the old way”. He uses everything from scrap pieces from hunters, farmers, taxidermists, gatherers, and other artists all across the United States; to vintage pieces from estate sales, antique stores, and the collections of retired craftsman.  Sam also collects many of his materials from nature, on long walks in the woods or wading in the creek whenever he gets the chance. Many people in the Roanoke Valley know Sam as simply “Bear man”, because of his artwork and his love for nature and the outdoors.