New Treasures

We have been on the move the last few months participating in art shows, fairs, and festivals. Our picking and finding days have become few and far between as fall festival season steadily continues. We love fall festival season! It is a busy time for our little family business, we get to see old festivals friends that we do not get to see during the rest of the year, and the air is becoming crisp enough for fur coats and mantels to be worn comfortably. Today we hand selected a few beautiful Reindeer hides. These majestic animals were harvested for food and of course there is more to an animal than just meat. All our products are salvaged, parts that are a bi-product from other industries. These hides will be made into one of a kind mantel pieces. A mantel is a fur that is worn around your shoulders, to keep you warm in winter. I wear a reindeer hide to the Viking events that we participate in, and it always keeps me warm and dry. Sam adds a hand sewn leather piece and solid T bar closure . We have found that this is the easiest hands-free way to wear a mantel. Each mantel is also customizable, they can be decorated according to the wearer’s preference.

We also hand picked a huge horn order today. We now have horns of every size. These horns will be processed this week. All our horns come with an oil-based food grade sealer inside so that they are ready to drink from. We make holders for our horns upon request at each show. This way, the user can pick what type of holder they would like to have to carry their horns. Each holder is hand sewn to make sure that they have the tightest fit possible. Horns are also customizable, ask about customizing options.

We were able to restock many items that we have not had in a while, we are excited to get back into the shop and create!