Visit to “The Country”

Today was a family exploration day down at “The Country” (Riley’s family land). We walked the rocky path to the pond through a sprinkling mist of rain, looking for cool rocks along the way. My Papa told us many stories and explained that there was a treasure trove of abandoned bottles, hidden just under a layer of leaves in a pile. We spent the day with my papa, mom, and brother. We searched and searched as we all spread out looking through the briar patches, around persimmon trees, and past a sea of poison oak. It was my brother who found the first one with a quick, “Found one!”. Papa was right, just like he always is… We found three piles of old bottles! There was every kind of vintage soda bottle that you can imagine. These bottles will come back to the shop, where they will be washed. We will then fill them with tiny treasures. Our bottles are designed so that when you pick them up and turn them, you see different exciting objects throughout the bottle.

              As we walked down the path, it comes to a big pond. The pond is home to many different types of fish, as well as many other animals. The pond has several deer paths leading from the main path around it. We followed the paths through the woods, over rotten logs, and around huge, uprooted trees. My brother found a few bones of animals long since passed. We collected a few that will be made into jewelry intended to honor the animals from which they came. We left some of the bones behind so that small animals may use them as their calcium intake.

              “The Country” has beautiful moss growing. I collected a few bundles to dry. I dry the bundles and put them in bottles along with other small treasures. The moss is a wonderful pale green. I make sure to take only a small amount, I know that it spreads quickly but I do not like to create bare ground spots, and I only use small amounts of it at a time. This will help the moss grow.

Today was a great family day and a beautiful visit to “The Country”.  We were able to spend time with the people that we love in a wonderful place.

Go have a wonderful  adventure!

Be safe,